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O M O design is a small design firm located in Frisco, Colorado. Jamie and Patti Callahan moved to this idyllic mountain community over 20 years ago. When faced with finding a job that didn't involve bumping lift chairs, we decided to draw on Patti's experience working for a top design firm and go out "on my own", starting this amazing journey of discovery.

Along the way we found that we love working directly with our clients, and they enjoy the one on one relationship and the attention we bring to even the smallest jobs. We love design. We love finding the best way to deliver information in a message that is both understandable and visually interesting. Patti's extensive creative experience combined with Jamie's curiosity and passion for information create a dynamic team.


We work  with our clients on all aspects of a project, from concept through production. We enjoy working in a collaborative environment and have developed a network of writers, strategists, photographers, illustrators and web developers giving us the ability to build a team specifically for each project. This customized approach allows us to provide clients maximum efficiency on each project.

Give us a call and let us put our creative experience to work for you.

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